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3D Multi-Axial Spinal Decompression

The Saunders 3D Activetrac is the most advanced multi-axial spinal decompression system available today. The Saunders 3D Activetrac is the only table that adjusts in 3 dimensions: flexion, extension, left lateral bending, right lateral bending , right rotation, and left rotation. The 3D Activetrac is the best table for neck and back treatment and adjusts to a wide variety of patients.

There is no bulky cables or pulleys and is easy for patients to get on the table via the high/low setting feature. The 3D Activetrac is FDA 510k cleared. The DRX9000 does not have this important FDA clearance. For your comfort and safety, we only use FDA cleared equipment.

View this video on How Spinal Decompression Works.

Decompression table